Meet the Team

Bruce Richter
Doug Cleek
Tom Hespos
Cathie Campbell
Mary Ann Zeman
Ed Havens
Claudio Gomez

Tom Hespos
President, Underscore Marketing LLC

In May of 2002, Tom founded a next generation media and strategy shop called Underscore Marketing. Since its inception, Underscore has attracted top-notch talent, including some of the innovators who have helped guide the industry through the emerging media landscape. And it’s the first marketing communications firm built from the ground up with cross-platform communications in mind.

Which is what makes Tom and his company, Underscore, an ideal partner for Magnitude 9.6 and our clients.

To paraphrase Underscore’s guiding principle, our cross-platform philosophy allows us to “construct integrated marketing communications efforts that surround the target and deliver an experience that is greater than the sum of its component media efforts.”

For a more in-depth look at why we think Underscore Marketing is the perfect fit for Magnitude 9.6 and many of our clients, go to