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ooVoo Video Chat

Magnitude 9.6 was approached by ooVoo to help develop a range of acquisition strategies and creative utilizing email, landing pages and the iPhone app store. ooVoo had a strong user base targeted to the younger consumer (26 and under). Because they had some of the highest quality video chat services, they also needed to target the small business audience which they identified as having 100-500 employees.

For the consumer audience, the objective was to promote trial usage of the free product which offered free 3-way video chat promoting software downloads. For the Small Business taudience, 6-Way video chat was employed with a Click-to-call feature prompt for the call to action. We coordinated creative development for both segments with a SEO strategy that was supported by a PPC campaign.

ooVoo needed to announce to existing customers the release of the iphone app and to share this news with their friends. The call to action was positioned to be accessible on mobile phones and prompt users to click and access the app store where they could get information and download the free app.

App Store
Following the app store guidleines we developed the messaging that would be used to inform and promote downloads.