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As the cornerstone for their extensive 2004 Preparedness Week program, the American Red Cross in Greater New York (ARCGNY) wanted to develop a communications tool that would explain to New York City residents how to prepare themselves for any emergency that might arise. They asked Magnitude 9.6 and partners ClearAgenda to help them come up with the solution.

For the event, we developed an interactive CD ROM. Reaction was so positive that ACRGNY asked us to develop
a web-enabled version of the Quiz that could live on their web site. Take the interactive quiz.

It begins with a light, engaging quiz that allows users to see just how unprepared they actually are. The site then walks users through a series of exercises that help them get prepared. One section allows users to begin building a travel emergency kit by dragging and dropping icons of items they already have in their home into the trunk of a car. Once they’ve determined what they have, it then lets them print a shopping list of what they still need to buy. Another section lets them use their mouse to draw a floor plan of their home and map out emergency escape routes. Plus the site includes video clips, info on how to volunteer, donate, and a lot more.

In light of the events of the past year, we’ve now been asked to develop generic versions of both the web site and the CD ROM. These will be made available to other chapters throughout the United States so that folks across the country can take advantage of the helpful information the tools provide.