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Claudio Gomez

Claudio Gomez
Interactive Designer, Multimedia

Claudio’s career has included creative leadership and hands-on positions at prominent agencies and multimedia development firms where he’s helped develop sites for Thomson Postgraduate Professional Services, Pfizer Global Management, American Red Cross in Greater NY, Stryker Howmedica, Hewlett Packard, Visa Merchant Resource Center, Aetna Financial, Dun & Bradstreet, Weight Watchers and figure skating Kristy Yamaguchi among others.

Claudio was born and raised in Chile, where he became a leading multimedia developer and content creator for the Web, CD-ROM, television and print. Originally trained as an architect and engineer, Claudio’s reputation for multimedia design and development is so highly respected, he remains a permanent consultant to Apple Computer and Adobe Systems in his home country.

Today, living and raising a family in the New York area, Claudio specializes in providing creative design and multimedia services for high-end software companies, agencies and private corporations. The range of services provided include: web development, e-commerce design, 3D animation, digital video production and editing, DVD production, CD-ROM, digital pre-press design, corporate imaging, digital presentations, video streaming presentations, Flash animation, online advertising and user interface design.