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There are many programs that allow you to manually delete your cookies. In addition, acerno offers consumers the opportunity to select a persistent "blank" or "opt-out cookie" to prevent information from being uniquely associated with your browser. This way, you can opt-out of acerno cookies, without erasing or altering other cookies associated with your browser. If you do not want a unique cookie from acerno, there is a simple procedure to follow.


By selecting the opt-out cookie, acerno will not store information about your browser behavior given to us from our partners. Also note that if you choose to opt-out, acerno is unable to recognize your browser from one visit to the next, and you may see the same advertisement multiple times.


whathappens if I choose to opt-out?


The system will assign you the following cookie:




instead of a cookie that contains a unique string of numbers and characters.


When receiving this cookie, acerno systems will know that you have opted out and will not attempt to assign other cookies in the future. Since the acerno opt-out cookie does not contain a unique user number, it does not allow us to identify your browser uniquely.


PLEASE NOTE that if you erase or otherwise alter your browser's cookie file (including upgrading certain browsers) you may need to perform this process again.


You must click the link below to opt-out.




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