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Using anonymous consumer shopping data from product manufacturers and multi-channel retailers, acerno's powerful analytics predict who these consumers are and what products or services they are interested in buying.


acernois a community of retailers, brand marketers and consumers whose interests align:

  • brands create consumer demand for products
  • retailers promote those products for sale
  • consumers react positively to relevant advertising

Better targeting reduces advertising waste so advertisers earn a higher return on their investment. It's all based on actual shopping and purchase data from an association of more than 450 brands and multi-channel internet retailers and 140-million customers. All information is completely private and totally anonymous.


A subsidiary of i-Behavior, acerno was founded in 2004 by an experienced team of direct marketing, online advertising and e-commerce professionals. We’re dedicated to providing value by always delivering the right ad to the right audience at the right time.


Want to learn what acerno predictive targeting can do for your business? For insight, intelligence and common-sense customer service, contact us today.


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